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UNIKAI Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg
Dessauer Strasse 10 / Schuppen 48
20457 Hamburg
phone: +49/40/72002-100
fax: +49/40/72002-101
mail: info(at)unikai.de
Internet: www.unikai.de
Managing director authorized to represent the company:
Hartmut Wolberg
Chairman of the Advisory Board:
Angela Titzrath
Registered office and register number
Free Hanse City of Hamburg
Registration Court: Hamburg HRB 38793
Tax No.: 27/192/00071
VAT ID No.: DE 811136102


The operation regulations for the quayage in Hamburg (Quay Operation Regulations) and the Port Handling Regulations for the Port of Hamburg as amended from time to time shall apply to quay handling and ancillary work relating to quay handling.
According to the above Regulations, any compensation to be paid by us because of loss of or damage to goods shall be limited to two units of account for each kilogram of the gross weight of the goods.
The General German Forwarders’ Terms (Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteur-Bedingungen, ADSp) as amended from time to time shall apply to freight forwarding/transport business activities and all activities that are not related to quay handling. In so far as provided for by ADSp, the forwarding insurance is covered.
Paragraph 23 of ADSp limits liability for any damage to goods
  • to 5 EUR for each kilogram of the gross weight of the shipment (kg)
  • to 2 SDR (special drawing rights) per kg in the case of multi-modal transports including ocean transport
  • to a maximum of 1 million EUR or 2 SDR per kg (whichever amount is higher) in each case of damage
Liability is limited to 2 million EUR or 2 SDR per kg (whichever amount is higher) for each occurrence of damage, irrespective of the number of claims which are made as a result of the damage that has occurred.
The aforementioned provisions shall form the contractual basis for the service used. If any service areas overlap, such provision as is most favourable to the client shall apply to the liability of UNIKAI Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg.

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