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Packing is a matter for experts – we pack…

… cars, wood pulp and paper into containers; heavy goods, project cargo and conventional break-bulk cargo are loaded onto roll trailers or flat racks. Secure and efficient lashing and packing is our business.

Our partners have to rely on the trouble-free and safe exchange of goods.

If only for this reason, proper packing, lashing and stowing of products of any kind is one of the special tasks at O'Swaldkai.

As an approved container freight station, we employ only specialists who apply their entire experience to guaranteeing handling according to the CTU guidelines for the packing of loads to be transported by all kinds of carriers on water and land.

Securing of cargo and damage prevention come first at the packing station at O'Swaldkai. Here only experts who are familiar with the packing and securing of transport units attend to the proper and efficient handling of cargo.

Here the focus is on proper stowage planning on the various ships, optimum loading according to ship and customer requirements and the correct handling of sensitive goods.

All persons involved in cargo handling can rely on efficient handling according to schedule.